Done for You

  1. Our faux art consultant meets with you and/or your interior designer at your home. At the meeting she will listen to you and discuss theme, style, surface, color scheme, lighting, and the room.
  2. Together they will come up with a tangible understanding of what you have in mind and what will work for the room in question.
  3. After the meeting, your faux art consultant will come up with an estimate for your review. This quote will include a detailed explanations of the room, finishes, time, and cost. This will be the contract.
  4. The next step is to sign the faux painting contract and pick a date to begin the work. We require a 50% deposit upon signing the faux painting contract.
  5. Now it is all about your custom faux finish. You may have seen samples at this point but now it is all about your desired look for your surfaces. This step takes us a lot of time and resources to complete, so generally we only agree to making a sample board once we have a contract. This sample will be customized based on the colors and style you have selected with your faux art consultant. Once the board is complete we will set up a meeting for you to approve it.
  6. Preparation of the wall with the selected base coat color should be done before your faux artist starts.
  7. Faux painting finishes are done in layers. Many faux finishes that Creative Walls 101 does require more than 6 layers. This requires us to come to your home multiple days to complete the project. Not every layer requires a full day so the number may vary depending on the technique and drying time.

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